Feeling Stuck on Ideas to Extend Your Reach on Social Media? Follow our 5 top tips……

1. Empower speakers and sponsors

Your speakers, sponsors, and partners have their own audience who are just waiting to be introduced to your event via their own marketing team. Make sure you give them event marketing material with blurbs to share on social and imagery they can use to promote your event to their followers also. A tracked registration link will help you figure out where your new guests came from.

2. Give your grassroots marketers something to shout about

Your attendees are your biggest fans. When someone buys a ticket or registers for your event, send them a badge or icon they can display on their site or post to social media platform. Build links into these graphics, and viewers can be directed right back to your event page.

3. Turn attendees into event ambassadors

You can hire a brand ambassador, or you can ask your guests to be ambassadors themselves for the day. Show them a good time and you can bet they’ll be sharing their experiences with their friends and colleagues. Provide them with plenty of Instagram-able and TikTok-able moments and you can rest assured that they will be posting how great your event is at every opportunity they can. Incentivise further with a competition or 2 for ‘best photo’ or ‘funniest moment’ and you’ll have even more buzz. Collaborate & tag with one of your sponsors for an amazing prize to offer and they too can share in the awareness created.

4. Create an infographic

One of the most effective ways to get your content shared across the web is to develop visually alluring infographics that combine interesting information with entertainment. The more people share your content, the more event-goers will discover your event.

5. Join an event community

Using socials to showcase your past events as well as promote upcoming ones will get people talking. Take advantage of the chatter by monitoring and engaging with those discussing it and using your hashtag to encourage a larger event community. Create a space where people can gather, network, and develop relationships that can extend past the individual events you organize. Ask for advice, submit fun surveys for response…all of these can generate discussions and shares within the community.