tracking your guest's journey throughout the event can fall into 3 types of data.

Demographic (who they are) 2. Engagement (what they are doing and when) 3. Sentiment (why they are doing it)


The registration process is a good time to collect information on demographics, interests, and expectations. This is usually best collected pre-event to avoid long queues at registration desks.


You can collect data on session engagement and attendance, speaker performance, booth/area attractiveness, who your attendees are engaging with, etc. This can be done with items such as smart badges, wristbands, lanyards etc embedded with RFID, Bluetooth, or NFC tags capturing engagement data.


You can get feedback on the overall event experience through post-event surveys. Be mindful of too many surveys and limit questions . Choose a delivery method that allows for fast and seamless responses, like an event app.

The main question is to figure out which type of data is going to tell you what you need to know?